"People and culture are always our first investment consideration" – Brett Blundy

We are an independent private equity investment firm established in April 2018 as part of Brett Blundy’s private investment company BBRC. Since inception, we have invested in six portfolio companies across Australia and the United States. 

We believe in the power of people and culture to scale businesses exponentially so that they can win in their chosen markets. This philosophy has been at the heart of BBRC’s unique investing history since 1980 and inspires the next generation of BBRC investments through BBRC Private Equity.


Our goal is to create exponential value through long-term partnerships.

Our goal is to create exponential value through long-term partnerships. We target high growth companies in the Asia-Pacific region with founders and leaders who have a compelling vision and culture we are aligned to. We are patient capital providers and prefer to work with our partners to build and keep businesses for the longer-term.

BBRC’s 10+1 cultural commitments are at the core of BBRC’s investing philosophy. This means:

  • We only invest with partners who are aligned to our cultural commitments.

  • We create a culture of continuous improvement for us and our partners, giving our partners access to BBRC’s decades of operational expertise, management training and resources.

  • We respect the prosperity of our partners and the communities we engage with, by actively considering relevant environmental, social and governance concerns in our investments.

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We concentrate on three areas where we see the biggest growth opportunities overlap with our expertise: in consumer brands, wellbeing and the future of work and productivity. We aim to be the first call for founders operating in these areas.


BBRC has a long history of building innovative and successful consumer brands, and consumers sit at the heart of our 10+1 cultural commitments. As a result, we think deeply about consumers and their changing preferences. In a world of increased competition, globalized markets and social media, we believe strong consumer brands will win the battle to create authentic connections with customers that deliver long term value. Consumer interest in omnichannel delivery, authentic branding, user experience and sustainability creates opportunities for businesses that address these concerns. 

We believe brands that foster the love of their customers can generate higher margins, and this love has the power to scale. We partner with founders focused on winning the hearts and minds of consumers and offering truly customer-centric products, services and experiences.


BBRC Private Equity investment: Bared Footwear, Plant Therapy


We believe humans are continuously driven to improve and prosper. As such, businesses addressing the concerns of wellness, the ageing population and healthcare services have the potential to scale rapidly. We invest in founders who deliver products, services and experiences that optimise our physical and mental wellbeing, allowing humans to improve their quality of life and thrive.  

BBRC Private Equity investment: Leef Independent LivingPioneer InterestsHot 8 Yoga


In a world of slowing growth and increased competition, we believe businesses need to do more with less. In order to compete, people and businesses must focus on improving efficiency, new skills, increasing knowledge, reducing waste and adapting to new technologies. At the same time, they must ensure their teams find the purpose, energy and balance required to support their work. We invest in founders who help businesses solve these problems by using technology, education and services in innovative ways.  

BBRC Private Equity investment: Simple

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What is your mission? “To make beautiful shoes that are great for your feet, while caring for our customers and our planet.”

Why did you partner with BBRC Private Equity? “From the outset, I had strong conviction on Bared and BBRC’s cultural alignment. BBRC has challenged us and gave us the confidence to grow our brand in new directions. Their understanding of retail excellence and the access they provide to BBRC’s network and knowledge is providing the support we needed to take our business to the next level.”


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What is your mission? “To reverse the way people feel about independence. Whether during ageing, living with disability or recovering with rehabilitation, we want every customer to experience more, live better and feel a sense of worth and dignity.”

Why did you partner with BBRC Private Equity? “BBRC’s decades of operational knowledge gave us an invaluable foundation for building our business. They shared our goals, helped us shape our strategy and have been with us every step of the way.”



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What is your mission? “Our vision is to change the world … for marketers. Simple provides marketing teams a powerful and innovative hub to optimise productivity, increase visibility of marketing activity and to ultimately unlock marketing performance. We help marketers with the upstream strategy and operations that are so crucial to effective marketing.”

Why did you partner with BBRC Private Equity? “BBRC Private Equity understood our vision from the outset and we bought into each other’s values. BBRC’s culture of continuous learning and their understanding of operational excellence have provided us with the energy and tools our team needs to become a global business.”



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What is your mission? “Plant Therapy is the most customer-focused essential oils company. We accomplish this through our authenticity, positive customer interactions, education and charitable giving.”

Why did you partner with BBRC Private Equity? “There are several things that initially attracted us to BBRC. First is a perfect culture alignment. We didn't feel like we would need to change who we are to fit well into the group. Second is the long-term vision we both share. Third is autonomy. BBRC is an excellent resource and willing to offer advice whenever we need it, but we never feel like they are standing over our shoulder dictating what needs to be done. These are all qualities that make for a perfect partnership.”


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What is your mission? “At Pioneer, 'we grow plants, people, and community'.  We strive to cultivate the best quality products, develop and lead our team, and expand our customer base by delivering a best-in-class customer experience.”

Why did you partner with BBRC Private Equity? “With Brett and BBRC's 40+ years of ownership and business success, we knew that we would have a partner who could mentor us, help us navigate obstacles, and guide us to success from 1 store to 1,000.  BBRC has exceeded our expectations and displayed what true ownership means.”


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What is your mission? “Ultimately, to create a place of community that promotes awareness, health and order that is accessible to all. But in the beginning, to set things in motion, our goal is to sweat.”

Why did you partner with BBRC Private Equity? “BBRC's commitment to continuous learning has made all the difference in our business. They are quick to adapt, patient when needed, and inspired by the building and growth of people and the company.”



Brett is the Chairman and Founder of BBRC, a private investment firm with a near 40-year track record of successfully creating, growing and investing in businesses. Brett oversees the US investments and is the Chairman of the BBRC Private Equity Investment Committee. 


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Tracey is BBRC Private Equity’s Portfolio Adviser and sits on the boards of BBRC Private Equity and BBRC. Tracey joined BBRC in 1981 and has held senior executive and Board positions across BBRC’s portfolio, including as CEO of Sanity Entertainment and Bras n Things and Director of Lovisa Holdings Ltd (ASX:LOV) and Aventus Group (ASX:AVN).


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Joseph is the CEO and Co-founder of BBRC Private Equity. He leads the day to day operations of the firm and is also a member of the BBRC Private Equity Investment Committee.


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Lucinda is an Investment Manager at BBRC Private Equity. She is responsible for assessing investment opportunities, transaction execution and supporting our portfolio companies.


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Cody is BBRC Private Equity's Operating Partner in North America. He advises and supports BBRC Private Equity companies entering the US market. Cody also serves as the Managing Partner of BBRC Labs, BBRC's US-based growth equity search fund and incubator.


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John is a Director of Boroughs Chartered Accountants, specialising in corporate advisory services. John was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 2013 for significant service to the community, particularly to the Scout Movement and to philanthropy. He is a Trustee/Director on many charitable boards including the Charlie Perkins Scholarship Trust (for Indigenous Australians to attend university in Oxford or Cambridge); the Australian Chamber Orchestra Instrument Fund; the Australian Geographic Society; the World Scout Foundation based in Geneva as well as being a Life Benefactor/Life Member of a number of charitable organisations including the Westmead Institute of Medical Research. John has also given extensive service to the accounting profession as a member of many Expert Panels and Professional Committees.

Kirsty is a member of the Board of Advisors of BBRC and a Non-Executive Director of Infratil (ASX/NZX:IFT), a New Zealand-based infrastructure investment company. She has extensive international experience in capital markets and corporate governance, most recently as the Head of Equity Capital Markets, Corporate Finance and Governance Asia for Fidelity International. Kirsty was previously a Managing Director at Citigroup across Hong Kong and London. Originally from Scotland, Kirsty is now resident in New Zealand.



Stephen is Chief Adviser to Brett Blundy at BBRC, responsible for BBRC’s investment relationships globally. Recently he oversaw the iconic BridgeClimb investment and helped Brett become the single largest shareholder in the Accent Group Limited (ASX: AX1). Stephen is a senior business leader with a track record in scaling growth businesses and driving transformation across private and ASX-listed companies. He has over 30 years’ experience as a CEO and in senior management roles at Coca Cola Amatil Limited, Toll Holdings Limited and Tabcorp Holdings Limited, and is a former Director of health and wellness company Bod Australia Limited (ASX:BDA). He founded Lifelong Partners Advisory alongside BBRC. Clients and Advisory Board roles include Jack Cowin, Domino’s, onmi-channel retailer Kivari, hyper automation services firm Provenio Partners and M&A transaction services firm GreenMount Advisory. Stephen’s earlier career involved management consulting roles at PwC and Deloitte. He has an MBA from Monash University and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

Tim serves as Global CFO across all BBRC investments and activities, and brings over 30 years’ experience in the Banking, Funds Management, Property & Investment sectors.  Previous appointments include COO & CFO roles at Terrace Tower Group, Allco Finance Group, Medallist Developments (Macquarie Bank / Greg Norman JV), BT Financial Group & Bankers Trust Australia. A commercially focussed chartered accountant, Tim has worked in both publicly listed and private enterprises across a variety of investment classes, and internationally in Australia, US & Europe.  Most recently he was responsible for the management of a US$1.6bn global property portfolio and the establishment and operation of a US$500m globally diversified private investment portfolio.  Tim holds an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree (First Class) from Manchester University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.